Mike has spoken to multiple business and sports groups on personal success and motivation

His talks are informative and inspiring.  He not only encourages the participants to dream bigger and demand more of themselves, he also gives them the tools and action steps needed to be successful.  The tools are available to assist listeners in putting their new vision of what is possible for them to work immediately.

Here’s are just a few of the topics available for your business or team

Each talk can be tailored to your specific company or team needs


How To Reach The Top 1% In Everything You Do”

Mike lectures on what it takes to reach the top 1% in business, finance, sports and academics.  Learn what the ultra-successful, or top one-percenters, do differently than the other 99% (which may surprise you!)  The insight gained in this talk will inspire you to accept nothing less than the best from you and everyone else around you.  Listeners learn to think and do what the ultra-successful do and leave with the ability to take immediate action towards reaching the top in their field.


“How To Achieve Business Success In ANY Economy”

Having owned and operated multiple businesses over the past decade, Mike teaches what it takes to build and sustain a business in any economy.  Current and future business owners alike learn how to position their business for long-term growth.  These talks include various aspects of business success including business marketing, client retention, business finance, business protection and business leadership.


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To Book Mike to speak for your business, group or team, you can contact him directly at:



529 East Main St., Bridgeport, WV  26330