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Unstoppable Success

A Proven System for Reaching the Top 1% in Everything You Do

By Mike Mason

Athletes waste their careers and never achieve success because they are not motivated. Talented students fail out of school because they are not motivated. People with great ideas fail to become successful entrepreneurs because they are not motivated. Even religious people go through life spiritually unhappy because they are not motivated.

Life was not intended to be an unpleasant experience. So many people with potential seem to go through life unhappy with their circumstances, not realizing that true happiness and the achievement of their goals or wants are within their grasp. That’s because most people don’t know how to define and manage their priorities on a daily basis, and raise the bar on their personal expectations. Although they may be talented in many aspects, they haven’t been taught how to choose to live a motivated life.

You are greater than you realize. You are meant to be more. You are meant to do more. You are meant to have more. You are capable of so much more.

Most successful people are ordinary people who made up their minds to be successful. You don’t have to wait for something terrible to happen before you become motivated to be the best you that you can be. What you need is the right advice and instructions on how to achieve your potential today.  If you are willing to consistently use the right tools, you’ll find that getting motivated to achieve any goal you choose will become much easier than it has been in the past.

With his new book Unstoppable Success:  A Proven System for Reaching the Top 1% in Everything You Do (Morgan James, Oct. 2011), Dr. Mike Mason presents readers with the ultimate system to maximize their potential in life and reach the top in business.  A book ten years in the making, Mike reveals the motivational tools that made him become an All American athlete, a doctor, and a highly successful entrepreneur.


Give you the motivation needed to reach your potential

• Help you establish a personalized system for reaching your goals

• Develop an individualized priority list by which to assure your most important goals are accomplished

-Thoroughly proven and made practical for anyone, UNSTOPPABLE SUCCESS details ways readers can transform success and provides a step-by-step system for developing motivation. Mike helps you create your own personal blueprint for success, what he calls a “Motivational Binder.” The Motivational Binder will serve as a guide of key strategies pulled from the book, including:

Setting goals:  Don’t let your mind revert back to “realistic” thinking. Realistic is boring. Realistic is uninspired. This should be the most fun part of the process of becoming motivated for life.

Betting on yourself:  Whether your goal requires your personal effort or those of a team, you’ll only accomplish your potential when you see yourself as a “difference maker.”

Establishing energy:  Action creates energy, and reaction creates fatigue. This is important, because if there’s any one thing that you need to achieve the motivated life you hope for, it’s energy.

Taking risks:  Every successful person has taken a risk. Without exception, you cannot become successful in any endeavor if you never step out of your comfort zone and take a chance.

Using your gifts:  The key is to harness the part of you that has made you great at one thing, and apply that to other areas.

Finding balance:  The motivated life is a balanced life. It is one in which you consistently work to be the best you can be at each individual aspect of your life, every single day.

Creating accountability:  Speak your goals out loud to yourself and to others if you plan to make them happen.

Sacrificing the now:  Regardless of which aspects of life you choose to alter as a result of reading this book, you’ve got to be prepared to sacrifice the now. Mike reveals the secret of receiving much greater end results by implementing this strategy into your life.

After receiving a copy of UNSTOPPABLE SUCCESS,readers can log on to to download their free Motivational Binder forms. They’ll also have free access to Mike’s personal Motivational Binder to use as a guide. The great aspect of the Motivational Binder is that you can alter it as you go, so you don’t need to wait for it to be perfect before you can start to review it.

ABOUT Mike Mason

Dr. Mike Mason is the clinic director of The Chiropractic Care Center, PLLC, where he has helped thousands of patients get well and stay well through natural healthcare. He is also the founder of Unstoppable Business Consulting, a seminar and coaching program geared towards motivating and educating both current and future business owners. He and his team of professionals are committed to helping you grow your business and expand your life.

A former Division 1 All American athlete and high school wrestling coach, Mike Mason is an expert at maintaining and adapting motivation. He transferred his competitive sports drive to the academic arena and later to the financial and business world. He lectures on health and motivation to sports and business groups. He resides in Bridgeport, West Virginia with his wife Natalie and their children, Rachel and Tyler.

Mike began his quest for becoming unstoppable in sports. He took his motivation to West Virginia University where he became a 2-time NCAA Division 1 All American. He graduated with honors from WVU with a degree in Exercise Physiology before matriculating Life University in Marietta, GA where he earned his doctorate of Chiropractic. Graduating Summa Cum Laude, he returned to West Virginia to open his first of two Chiropractic practices. Quickly growing one of the largest Chiropractic clinics in the country, Mike then opened his second clinic in Morgantown, West Virginia in 2008. His state-of-the-art office is equipped with the most up-to-date Chiropractic technology and continues to be one of the premier Chiropractic clinics in the country.

Unstoppable Success:  A Proven System for Reaching the TOP 1% in Everything You Do

By Mike Mason

Publication Date:  October 2011

Publisher:  Morgan James

Format:  Paperback, pp 184

List Price: $13.75

ISBN:  9781614480976

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