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Your future or your past…  which is more important?

Your past has defined you up to this point.  All of things that have happened to you, all of the people that you have met and all of the decisions you have made have determined who you are right now.  And as we all know, try as we may, we can’t change the past.

Your future however, is unlimited!  If you don’t like what you do, who you have become or what you have, you can change things today by changing the same 3 things that have gotten you to this point.

If you don’t like what you do, then change your path by learning from your past mistakes.  You can do anything in the world that you want to do.  You are bound by nothing.  It doesn’t matter how long you have worked at the same job, how successful or unsuccessful you have been or what anyone else thinks about what you do.  If you aren’t happy, change your path by learning from your past experiences and making different decisions as you move forward.  Past events in your life don’t have to define you and what you do.  Instead, YOU define the past events by continuing with those things that helped your life and learning from/omitting those things that brought you down.

If you don’t like who you are, think about associating with different people.  Don’t be afraid to upgrade you friends.  If the people you are currently spending time with aren’t willing to change their own path and make the same progress that you hope for, then find new friends.  It’s as simple as that.  There are literally thousands of people wanting to become better people.  There are groups and businesses and churches and organizations completely dedicated to bringing people together that want to better themselves.  If you aren’t happy with the person you have become up to this point, change your associations and change your life.

If you don’t like what you have, then change your decisions.  The financial decisions you have made up to this point about how you make money and how you spend money have defined your current status.  If you are broke, guess what… your choices have stunk!  Doubling your income is a great goal for anyone, but if you don’t change your decisions, you will still spend too much and end up broke again.  Cutting your expenses would also be a great goal for anyone, but it you don’t change your ability to earn more money, inflation will pass you up and you will still end up broke.  If you want to have more of what life has to offer, then make different decisions about how you earn money and how you spend your money.

You can be, do and have more.  You deserve to be, do and have more.  You were meant to be, do and have more.

Change your decisions, evaluate the people you spend time with and make sure your are surrounding yourself with the right people and learn from your past to create the future you want.

You were put here for a purpose, you are greater than you realize and your future will be filled with unlimited opportunities when you decide to become unstoppable.

Be Unstoppable!


Mike Mason, author of Unstoppable Success, is the Founder of Unstoppable Business Consulting, The Elite Training Center and the Clinic Director of The Chiropractic Care Center.  He is considered one of the nation’s premier experts on business and motivation and lectures on success to sports and business groups.  He is reported to be the future of business consulting.

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