Personal Success: Are you ready to bounce?

Bounce or Break?  It's YOUR choice!
Bounce or Break? It’s YOUR choice!

A common misconception about the top 1% in anything is that they are problem-free.  Actually, the opposite is generally true.  The higher up the ladder of success you go, the bigger the problems and the more insurmountable the challenges.

Successful people know that they will face problems and challenges on the way up, yet they press on anyways.  What successful people do differently than everyone else is bounce.  And by bounce, I mean that every time a person, event, circumstance or random occurrence attempts to bring them down, they immediately bounce back up even higher than they were before they started their decent.

Picture a rubber ball being held out in front of you 3 feet high.  If you were to throw the ball down at the ground from that position, the ball is likely to bounce all the way back up to 6 or 8 feet after hitting the bottom.  The same holds true in the lives of successful people.

Regardless of the problems and challenges that you are currently faced with, you must remember that your ticket to the next level of success lies somewhere in solving those problems and overcoming those challenges.  If someone or something is pulling you down, don’t break.  Picture that bouncy ball and rebound back up even higher.

I can tell you from personal experience that the majority of my greatest wins in life came in response to some of my biggest failures.  Problems will always present themselves to you, even when you reach the top.  But your view of those problems and response to them will ultimately determine your success in life.  My advice to you:  Bounce, don’t break!

You were put here for a purpose, you are greater than you realize and your future will be filled with unlimited opportunities when you decide to become unstoppable.

Be Unstoppable!


Mike Mason, author of Unstoppable Success, is the Founder of Unstoppable Business Consulting, The Elite Training Center and the Clinic Director of The Chiropractic Care Center.  He is considered one of the nation’s premier experts on business and motivation and lectures on success to sports and business groups.  He is reported to be the future of business consulting.

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