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Permission Granted!

Having learned from some of the greatest athletes, teachers and business leaders in the world, I have found that all of them first gave themselves permission to succeed.  What I mean is, once they made up their minds to go after what they wanted, the opposition that they always thought would hold them back suddenly wasn’t there at all.

Think for a moment about someone that you admire.  Whether it is a professional athlete, a movie star, a successful businessman, an author, etc. … how do you think they got started?  Do you think that any of them started out at the top?  Do you think that there was a gatekeeper at the doorway to their success that decided whether or not they could be successful?  Do you think they needed someone else’s permission before they were willing to go for their dreams?

In case you don’t know the answer to these questions, let me respond for you by saying that ALL of them started out at the bottom of their field, NONE of them asked for permission to be successful and NONE of them allowed anyone else to determine whether or not they were allowed to proceed on their way to being who they wanted to be.

The same holds true for you.  You have already been given permission to succeed.  There’s no one that is going to come to your house, hold you by the hand and tell you exactly what you are supposed to do in life.  It’s up to YOU to decide who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have.  It really comes down to you just making a decision as to what you want, then taking daily measures to ensure that you get there.

If you’re anything like me, you can still remember going from grade school to high school.  Most everyone hears the hype from everyone else before entering that first day.  Stories about people getting shoved into lockers, the younger kids being constantly picked on and singled out by the older kids, the teachers being so much rougher on the students, and the list goes on and on.  But what happened when you finally got there?  Nothing!  There was no one waiting to shove you in a locker, the older kids in high school were the same older kids you were around in grade school and the teachers were exactly the same.

No one is going to stop you from going after your dreams.  At the same time, no one else is going to do it for you.  Make the decision right now that you will go after what you want and the person that you are supposed to be like your life depended on it.

And if you have been waiting on someone else to come along to give you the green light for achieving success, then let me be the first to say to you… “Permission Granted!”

You were put here for a purpose, you are greater than you realize and your future will be filled with unlimited opportunities when you decide to become unstoppable.

Be Unstoppable!


Mike Mason, author of Unstoppable Success, is the Founder of Unstoppable Business Consulting, The Elite Training Center and the Clinic Director of The Chiropractic Care Center.  He is considered one of the nation’s premier experts on business and motivation and lectures on success to sports and business groups.  He is reported to be the future of business consulting.


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