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Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics To Reach The Top 1%

Unstoppable Success contains the strategies you need to achieve
your full potential.  Here’s just a sample of what you will

  • How to gain and maintain the motivation needed to reach your
  • How to create a personalized system for establishing and
    achieving your goals
  • How to develop an individualized priority list so you can
    achieve your most important goals first


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The Shocking Truth About How To Reach The Top 1%

Here it is… the big secret revealed — Success comes to those
who know what they want and consistently apply strategies to
achieve their goals.  It’s not rocket science!  All you need is
to implement a proven formula for success.  Unstoppable Success
contains that formula.

Rev. Nate Carr, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Rev. Nate Carr, Olympic Bronze Medalist



“Mike is a source of continual motivation to everyone he’s around.  His book is destined to help countless people achieve success by teaching you how to maximize your potential.”  Rev. Nate Carr, 1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist

For People Who Want To Reach The Top 1% — But Can’t Get Started

This isn’t just another “feel good” motivational book that will
pump you up and leave you empty handed.  Don’t get me wrong,
Unstoppable Success will encourage and inspire you to dream big
dreams but it will also provide you with the how-to tools to turn
your dreams into reality.  Unstoppable Success outlines an easy-
to-implement, customizable blueprint for your success.  This book
will teach you step-by step how to:

    • Identify the 2 most powerful influences in your life and use
      them to fuel your passion
    • Develop a purpose statement to ensure that your work is
      personally rewarding and fufilling
    • Create daily rules to live by to accerlerate your time to
    • Define goals in a way that will enable you to be the person
      you want to be, do the things you want to do, and have all the
      things you want to have


Rick Pankowski, Managing Partner, Hampton Tax Group

Rick Pankowski, Managing Partner, Hampton Tax Group



“Mike’s unique perspective on business success has made him a leader in his field.”


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Yes, These Proven Strategies Helped Me Achieve Personal
Fulfillment And Wealth And They Will Work For YOU Too!

I wasn’t born into a life of success and wealth.  I created it!
And so can you! I started from scratch, covered in debt, with
limited academic and athletic talent and absolutely no business
sense.  But over the years, I studied the ultra-successful and
learned to think and do what they do.

You Deserve To Reach The Top 1% in all that you do!  Please allow
me to guide your journey to success.

Be Unstoppable!


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 Top 10 Reasons To Read Unstoppable Success

1. Learn to think like the ultra-successful
2. Discover what the top 1% do differently than everyone else
3. Gain insight into finding your purpose
4. Drastically improve your ability to reach your goals
5. Maximize your time by learning to prioritize your life
6. Gain all the confidence you will ever need with 3 simple words
7. Learn strategies from the ultra-successful to get and stay self-motivated
8. Learn a single habit that could make you rich
9. Receive instant access to developing your most powerful motivational tool
10. Become Unstoppable by reaching your full potential 

Dr. Brad George, George Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Brad George, George Chiropractic Clinic

“Having known Mike most of my life, I have watched him conquer sports, academics, business and finance with the same strategic approach.  I trust his advice, his leadershiop and his motivation for helping others succeed.  I also trust that the insight you will gain by reading Unstoppable Success will help you conquer your goals as well.”


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